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eTec emerging Technology entrepreneurial center Tenant Application

What are your projected space requirements in: (Please respond in square feet)

Will You:

By signing this eTec Tenant Application, the applicant acknowledges their understanding of the following basic conditions that will beadhered to by the tenant, if their application for admission to the eTec is approved. eTec Basic Conditions I. The applicant will pay rent as agreed and governed by the terms of the tenant lease agreement which will be negotiated and signed prior to admission to the eTec accelerator as a tenant. II. As agreed and explicated in the signed lease agreement, the signed applicant warrants he/she will pay any associated costs in a timely manner for services as outlined in the lease agreement or other contractual arrangements entered into with the lessor. III. The applicant fully understands that subject to the determination by the sponsor, the applicant business still requires the service of the eTec accelerator, the applicant business will make every effort to advocate to a permanent location no later than eighteen(18) months after entering the small business accelerator.