Technology Corridor

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Technology Corridor

Dubbed the Technology Corridor, Highway 9 is the primary corridor running east-west on the south side of Norman. Companies along the OK9 technology corridor have the advantage of being located near a major university, the University of Oklahoma. 

One of the primary benefits of the close proximity of the OK9 technology corridor to the university is the opportunity for continued education.

Bruce Pearson, vice president of pharmaceutical manufacturing at Yamanouchi Pharma Technologies Inc. explains that “the opportunity for continued education also helps to attract the best type of employees to the Norman, Oklahoma area. It is easy to recruit people to work in Norman because of OU and the opportunity for continued education.”

In addition to attracting employees to the Norman area, OU turns out a fantastic workforce from its undergraduate and graduate programs. Businesses along the OK9 technology corridor use both graduates of OU and current students to fill positions from internships to presidents. Hitachi Computer Products Inc. recently selected a Norman employee and graduate of OU as their president.

John Snow, former dean of the College of Atmospheric & Geographic Sciences, comments that “OU turns out good people-people with skills and a strong work ethic. Right now, we export this great workforce to places all over the country, but with the development of the OK9 technology corridor, we will be able to use more of this great workforce right here in Norman.”

The University of Oklahoma Research Campus will also benefit businesses along the OK9 technology corridor in addition to housing private industries with interests congruent with the major projects on the campus. The added wealth of resources that come along with the research campus contributes to the community of technology and innovation along the corridor.

Pearson states “the biggest benefit of the OK9 technology corridor is the ability to share information, technology, and ideas. It is a great opportunity to improve all our operations.”

Having technology companies near each other fosters the sharing of information and resources in the Norman area. Resources such as the Moore Norman Technology Center and the National Center For Employee Development allow businesses to continue training and educating their employees, while the Research Campus facilitates an atmosphere of innovation and growth.

OK9 Companies

The OK9 technology corridor is also located near major highways with easy access to Oklahoma City and interstate travel. 

The companies already located along the OK9 technology corridor have found favorable property costs and availability for both relocation and expansion.

Avara Pharmaceutical Services
Avara Pharmaceutical Services specializes in pharmaceutical oral solid dose (OSD) manufacturing and packaging.

Hitachi Computer Products Inc.

Hitachi Computer Products Inc. is a full-service, custom electronics manufacturing service provider that strives to provide optimal conditions for technological advancement on all fronts from within the organization and extending to third-party partners. The Norman location serves as production and distribution facilities.

Immuno-Mycologics Inc
Immuno-Mycologics Inc. (IMMY) was founded in 1979 to produce fungal diagnostic products to drastically reduce mortality caused by infectious diseases through increased use of affordable diagnostics.

National Center for Employee Development

The National Center for Employee Development (NCED) is a high-technology training center used to train postal workers and other students in the use of technological systems.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
 (NOAA) is a partnership of four state-of-the-art weather forecasting facilities including the National Severe Storms Laboratory, which researches severe weather throughout the U.S. to improve warnings; the Storm Prediction Center, which monitors severe weather for the National Weather Service; the NEXRAD Support Facility, which monitors all 158 NEXRAD Doppler Radar systems deployed worldwide; and the National Weather Service Norman Forecast Office, which prepares and distributes severe weather forecasts and warnings for 48 counties in Oklahoma and Texas.

The University of Oklahoma Research Campus
The University of Oklahoma Research Campus brings the university research community together with government and private enterprise to promote high-technology research and education, leading to economic development for the state and nation.


SITEL is a leading international business process outsourcer in the contact center and fulfillment industry. SITEL offers an international suite of services including integrated customer acquisition, list management and brokerage, database design and development, multi-channel customer and technical support (phone, fax, email, chat, self-help, etc.), e-commerce services, and warehousing and fulfillment.

Stephenson Research and Technology Center

This research and technology complex is a multi-phase project established to support interdisciplinary programs in biosciences, bioengineering, and the OU Supercomputing Center.

Xyant Technology Inc.

Xyant Technology Inc. is an information technology support company. They work with companies to improve productivity in IT services, increase efficiency in business processes, and improve performance by restructuring decision support systems and creating systems for timely information transfer.